Tudor's portfolio website. Software, games, pcg, voxels, virtual reality, shaders, physics, graphics programming, vfx, design, art, tools.

Tudor's portfolio and blog. Software, games, PCG, voxels, virtual reality, shaders, physics, graphics programming, vfx, design, art, tools.
Global Game Jam: We won 3/5 awards at GGJCph for a platformer that controls the world with your voice.
Graphics programming work reel. Raytracing, Sculpting, SDF, VR / HTC Vive, custom lighting system, PBR, Deferred decals, virtual reality, mesh processing.
Compute Shaders and particle flows, part of a VR fluid simulation sculpting app. Unity 5.
Graphics programming and technical art work reel involving raytracing, sculpting, SDF, signed distance fields, deferred rendering, gbuffer, pbr, custom lighting system, deferred deacals, vr, virtual reality, HTC Vive, Oculus, mesh processing.
GPGPU Underground Canyons. MSc. Thesis Project about real-time Procedural Modelling of Cave Systems on the GPU. Has PCG, Voxels, DX11 Compute Shader, CG, HLSL, Unity.
Pendulum: Platformer concept. 3 Week solo DADIU project. Shaders, procedural distortions and character mechanics. Design, Mechanics, CG, PCG, Unity, DADIU.
DADIU Productions. Two shipped tablet game projects. 3 months work, 18 people studio. Gameplay, Effects, Pogramming, CG, OpenGL ES 2.0, Unity.
Broken Shadows, exploration. UDK. Grappling hooks and climbing. 3 month Game Development project. Physics, Gameplay, Concept/Level Design.
Leap, puzzle platformer. Unity. Plane switching and teleportation. 3 month Game Development project. Gameplay, Physics, Game Design, Level Design.
Holosuit Concept. Concept art, game design and art direction project. 2.5D beat-em-up platformer. Concept Art, Game Design.
IDI Interface Beta. A Unity interface project showcasing some of my UID Industrial Design projects. Unity, Interface, Industrial Design.
Nordic Game Jam: NGJ15: SoundBound. A music-synched 2-player arcade rhythm fighting game prototype made in 40h at Nordic Game Jam.

Degrees in Computer Science, Product Design, and Game Technology. A peculiar combo of performant dev, R&D, and concept, feelings, storytelling awareness.

A seniorly experienced programmer on Virtual Reality, Graphics, Gameplay, Simulations, PCG, ECS, Data Oriented Design, OOP etc.

Musings and inspiration also across concept and futures design, immersion, disruption, kindness, real-world game theory, tebletop.

I like creative expression and mechanics shaping and being shaped by the tech; cross-leveraging (emerging) affordances. I know the meta, and also Dunning–Kruger. Let's listen, fail, have fun, learn, be clever, and be loved.

I agree with the Valve Handbook on devs having a brain for both deep skills & broad range flexibility (cross-spectrum interests). Helps bring about fun tractable solutions, optimization, and good team mojo.